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Top LinkedIn Carousel Secrets: The Art of Engaging

Visual content is king in today's fast-paced digital world, where attention spans are shorter than ever.

If you want to make a significant impact on LinkedIn, it's time to check out LinkedIn Carousels. This powerful tool on the B2B social media platform is a game-changer you can't afford to ignore.

LinkedIn Carousels are a dynamic and engaging way to share information, tell a story, or showcase your expertise.

They provide a unique opportunity to capture your audience's attention and keep them scrolling through your content.

SMM, likes, followers, and message icons on a virtual screen—social media marketing using LinkedIn Carousel PDFs.

Whether you're a business professional, marketer, entrepreneur, or job seeker, mastering the art of LinkedIn Carousels can give you a competitive edge in the world's largest B2B professional network.

In this all-inclusive guide, I'll walk you through the secrets of LinkedIn Carousels and teach you how to create appealing ones. I will also explain how they can benefit your personal brand or business and share tips to maximize their effectiveness.

So, if you're ready to transform your LinkedIn presence and make a lasting impression, keep reading to discover the secrets of LinkedIn Carousels.

Your learning journey about LinkedIn Carousel posts success starts here!

Demystifying LinkedIn Carousels

Picture your LinkedIn feed coming alive with a captivating mix of images and engaging text presented in a unique way.

Enter the LinkedIn Carousel – a content format designed to breathe fresh life into your feed. It's more than just a post; it's a visual story that grabs your audience's attention on their news feed.

Sample LinkedIn Carousel Image

Creating a LinkedIn carousel is easy—here's all you'll need:

  • A LinkedIn account

  • A clearly defined theme for your content, organized into individual steps

  • Access to a user-friendly and free tool like Canva

The Power of LinkedIn Carousels and Why They Matter

While LinkedIn Carousels have gained popularity among brands and experienced LinkedIn users, many remain unaware of their potential.

Specifically, they significantly impact the 'Dwell Time' metric in the LinkedIn algorithm.

Here are the benefits of LinkedIn Carousels:

  • Generate higher engagement

  • Increase the visibility of your posts and broaden your audience

  • Drive more traffic to your LinkedIn profile

  • Enhance your brand's presence on social media

  • Improve click-through rates and increase website traffic

  • Tailor your call-to-action to connect with your ideal customers

  • Secure professional meetings with potential clients, boosting conversions and ROI

  • Build brand awareness

This guide will focus on the free native carousel format accessible to everyone rather than the advertising format found within LinkedIn's 'Campaign Manager.'

Become a LinkedIn Carousel Design Pro: Formats, Sizes, and Dimensions

When it comes to your LinkedIn Carousel, every detail matters. Here's your roadmap to optimizing its elements:

  • Text: Be concise! Keep your banner text under 200 characters for peak performance.

  • Introduction: Craft a crisp introduction between 100-150 characters to ensure it's fully visible on mobile screens.

  • Images: Prioritize quality over quantity. Opt for 5 to 10 relevant, high-quality images, or stretch to 15 if they align with your marketing strategy.

  • File Size: Stay within the 10 MB limit.

  • Recommended Image Size: 1080 × 1080 pixels.

  • Accepted Image Types: Use JPG and PNG, although you can experiment with non-animated GIFs—just monitor their quality closely.

Crafting LinkedIn Carousels with Canva: A Step-by-Step Guide

First, head over to Canva. The process is the same whether you're using the free or paid version. Follow these simple steps.

1. Click 'Custom Size' and enter pixel size 1080 x 1080.

Crafting LinkedIn Carousels with Canva Image 1

2. Create your visuals, shapes, and text. You can also upload your content.

3. Once your design is complete, click 'Share,' select 'Download,' change the file type to PDF Standard, check the 'Flatten PDF' option, and click Download.

Crafting LinkedIn Carousels with Canva_Image 2

Are you wondering if there are alternative software options for creating LinkedIn carousels?


You can create a carousel with any design software, including Illustrator and Photoshop.

How to Post a LinkedIn Carousel

Creating a LinkedIn Carousel post might seem somewhat different from a regular LinkedIn social media message, but it's surprisingly straightforward. Here's how:

  • Navigate to the LinkedIn posting option, select the '…', then locate the document icon on the far right. Give it a click, and you'll find the option to 'Share a document.'

How to Post a LinkedIn Carousel
  • Upload your PDF document and watch it seamlessly transition into a LinkedIn Carousel.

How to Post a LinkedIn Carousel Image 2

But wait... Before you hit that share button, take a moment to optimize your post for maximum impact.

  • Craft an enticing caption

  • Sprinkle in relevant hashtags (click here for the top Microsoft Dynamics and Sage hashtags) to improve your LinkedIn post's reach and engagement

LinkedIn Carousel Examples

Example #1: Gartner, a technological research company, shares recent articles using a LinkedIn Carousel.

LinkedIn Carousel Examples - Image 1

Example #2: This example by David Sardi jumped out at me in my feed. The visuals caught my eye, and I then wanted to click more to learn more.

LinkedIn Carousel Examples Image 2

Example #3: Showcasing this example by Candyce Edelen of PropelGrowth as it takes a different approach by not relying on pictures to grab your attention initially. Instead, it addresses challenges that Candyce sees with LinkedIn connection requests.

LinkedIn Carousel Examples Image 3

Example #4: The example by Puck got my attention. Not only is this LinkedIn Carousel promoting a whitepaper engaging, but there is also a QR code within the design.

LinkedIn Carousel Examples Image 4

Example #5: This LinkedIn Carousel by Fellowmind is an excellent example of showcasing a customer case study.

LinkedIn Carousel Examples Image 5

A Closing Note on the Power of LinkedIn Carousels

Wondering how to boost your LinkedIn engagement without delving into video content?

Look no further! LinkedIn Carousels are your secret weapon for igniting fresh opportunities in personal branding and business growth.

Whether you aim to share "How-To" guides, repurpose blog content, showcase eye-catching infographics, or more, LinkedIn Carousels provide a dynamic platform to unite the community and share your expertise with the world!

But remember, the key is in the details.

From design and layout to embracing dark mode and meticulous structure – these are the subtleties that will unlock the full potential of this digital marketing powerhouse.


If you want to be more effective with your partner marketing, especially with your social media, contact us to discuss how we drive awareness and website traffic.

About the Author

Jon Rivers, co-founder of Marketeery, has extensive experience with ERP & CRM Partners, MSPs, Technology Partners, and ISVs. He has utilized this experience to enhance business growth and increase revenues for over 20 years.

Jon has been recognized as a partner community pioneer for his proven social media marketing skills. He deeply studies social media messages and how they bring people to the website and get them interested.

​He loves to write engaging content and works closely with our graphic designers to ensure the design elements stand out.

Jon also authors the following eBooks:

His knowledge of technology and sales helps him grasp solutions quickly and improve marketing campaigns effectively.

Jon speaks often at Microsoft events and technology events. He is also on multiple boards, including the Microsoft Directions North America Board.

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