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Your High-Tech Business Deserves a High-Tech Marketing Team

Marketeery is a marketing agency that fills the gap for B2B mid-size high-tech companies. We understand how to brand, promote, and sell high-tech business products and services.

Founders Diane Saeger, CEO, and Jon Rivers, COO, each has 25+ years of experience helping hundreds of technology companies across the globe amplify their message to capture more business. 
Our powerful team of graphic designers, web developers, SEO and social media marketing experts, bloggers, copywriters, and industry specialists provide memorable marketing.

We’re different. We don’t push “fluff”.

We have hands-on experience selling, implementing, and marketing ERP, CRM, ISV (third-party solutions), and other technology solutions. Our on-the-ground partner experience taught us that all marketing should have clarity, relevance, and evidence to convert prospects to customers. 

Other marketing firms know the basic elements of generic marketing but may lack the strategic insight we have acquired in the technology sector. We know how frustrating it is for you to have to educate your marketing team about your industry. You won’t have to do that with Marketeery. Our team knows the ins and outs of various industries in the tech sector, so we can start producing relevant content marketing campaigns immediately. 

Get results when you trust your brand to Marketeery. 

As a full-service high tech marketing agency, we know what works and doesn’t work in the tech sector for lead generation. Our work with every size company enables us to recommend the most effective marketing programs without breaking your budget. We’ll guide you to build the marketing foundational elements that will lift your brand to profitability. 

We craft emotional messaging to convert more buyers.

Often tech companies think the facts and details about their products and services are enough to persuade a buyer. We suggest a different approach – an emotional one that speaks to and intensifies the pain a customer has and how your products and services solve it. We write like your buyers talk - in a conversational tone that builds trust and makes the promises you make to your customers believable.

It’s a vast digital world out there, and our job is to get your message and offers to the audience who want to buy what you are selling. We use the best search engine optimization practices to ensure the search bots recognize your brand and boost your rankings.

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Let’s discuss a realistic plan to get you where you want to be.

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