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Microsoft Dynamics Events Across the Globe – How Many Miles Could You Travel?

There are many Microsoft Dynamics events worldwide, offering hands-on experience with newly launched programs, hearing from expert speakers, and allowing attendees to build their networks.

If you’ve had the opportunity to attend one of these events, you know what the hype is about!

Vector image of world travels on airlines to the various Microsoft Dynamics Events.

For starters, you don't want to miss gaining insider knowledge about Microsoft products and network-building opportunities if you’re using Microsoft products.

Secondly, the travel opportunities and travel points… well, they speak for themselves.

Dynamics 365 has an extensive list of info-packed events to attend, both in-person and virtual.

The in-person events are held all over the world. We found 15 Dynamics events you could attend in person in 2024.




Birmingham, United Kingdom

March 21 - 22

Odense, Denmark

April 12 - 13

San Diego, California

April 14 - 17

Denver, Colorado

May 13 - 16

Wiesbaden, Germany

May 14

Lisbon, Portugal

April 27

Bangkok, Thailand

May 16 - 17

Portorož, Slovenia

May 27 – 29

Seattle, Washington

June 3 – 7

Darmstadt, Germany

June 6 - 7

Brussels, Belgium

June 11

Atlanta, Georgia

September 12 – 14

Las Vegas, Nevada

September 18 – 20

San Antonio, Texas

October 13 – 17

Vienna, Austria

November 6 – 8


October 23 - 24



At Marketeery, we were curious to see how many miles you would travel if you attended each event in date order. One caveat: we didn’t consider round-trip flights, so this assumes you traveled from one destination to another without returning home.

We used our base in Kirkland, Washington, as a starting point – not far from Microsoft’s headquarters.

A map of the world showing all the locations of Microsoft Dynamics events in 2024

Can you guess how many miles you would travel?

You would cover something like 53,149 miles! There are 24,901 miles to travel worldwide, so that’s more than two trips around the globe.

Now that is cool!

Bring the adventure on!

If your adventurous side is amping up for this challenge, you may want to know where you would travel.

You’d start in Washington and fly to the UK. Then you’d head to Denmark and back to the US to California. From there, you would go to Colorado and back across the pond to Germany, Portugal, Thailand, and Slovenia before going back to the US to Washington again.

Then, it’s over to Germany and Belgium before returning once again to the US to Georgia, Nevada, and Texas.

The final trip across the ocean would bring you to Austria before you return to home base with all your newfound knowledge and fresh connections.

If you’re up for the challenge, it’s time to get your networking skills up to par and your passport ready – and don’t forget to accumulate those valuable travel points!

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