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The Lowdown on Threads by Meta: How it Challenges Twitter

Threads by Instagram, the new social media platform by Mark Zuckerberg, offers Instagram users a fresh alternative to Twitter. Threads aims to provide a fresh experience for those who may be disconcerted by the changes brought about by Elon Musk since his acquisition of Twitter in October 2022.

Since its launch, Threads has amassed over 30 million registrations at the time of writing this article (as of July 10 2023 there are now 100 million downloads) and is accessible in more than 100 countries, supporting 30 different languages. High-profile individuals like the renowned singer Shakira, NFL sensation Tom Brady, and celebrity chef Gordan Ramsay have already joined the platform.

A businessman in a suit using his mobile device to check his new Threads by Instagram account

So, does Threads merely replicate Twitter's functionality, or could it potentially signal the downfall of the beloved bird app? Here's an exploration of what Threads by Instagram has to offer.

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What is Threads by Instagram, Developed by Meta?

Meta, the conglomerate parent of Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp, is behind the creation of Threads. The app mimics Twitter's primary concept with a stream of mainly text-oriented posts, enabling users to engage in real-time conversations and share pictures and videos.

The limit for Threads posts is 500 characters, and users can respond to repost and quote posts from others on Threads.

The app integrates Instagram's user-friendly aesthetic and navigation system and allows sharing Threads posts to Instagram Stories directly.

In a post on Threads, CEO Mark Zuckerberg expressed the goal of maintaining a welcoming atmosphere as the platform grows.

How Do You Join Threads for Instagram?

First, you need to have an Instagram account to register for Threads.

After that, the Threads app, available on iOS and Android, can be downloaded to set up your account.

The design and navigation system of the app are harmonized with Instagram, and you'll use the same username for your Threads account as you do on Instagram.

Upon your initial use of Threads, the app allows you to follow all the accounts you're following on Instagram automatically. This decision remains entirely at your discretion.

One crucial detail to note before joining Threads: If you decide to delete your Threads account, your Instagram account will also be deleted. This is because your Threads account is interconnected with your Instagram account.

Threads also offer the flexibility to follow any account you prefer, irrespective of whether you follow them on other platforms like Instagram or Facebook.

You can set your Threads account to be either public or private.

It's worth noting that Instagram accounts with verification badges will also automatically receive verification on Threads.

Is Threads Functionally Similar to Twitter?

The mechanics of posting on Threads are indeed very similar to Twitter. With a 500-character limit, Threads allows you to interact, send direct messages to global users, and utilize the @ symbol to respond to other participants.

In his Thread, Zuckerberg laid out their approach, stating, "Our approach will be same as all our other products: make the product work well first, then see if we can get it on a clear path to 1 billion people."

How Does Threads Differ from Twitter?

Threads differentiates itself from Twitter by not having a hashtag or trending topics feature. Moreover, once a Thread is posted, it cannot be edited.

How Does the Feed Function in Threads?

Comparable to Twitter, your Threads feed will comprise posts from accounts you've elected to follow, complemented by content that the Threads algorithm deems potentially engaging for you.

Wrap Up

We have added our test account to see how the ERP and CRM industry could utilize Threads by Instagram, and we are discussing using the platform with a few clients.

But we would love to hear your feedback on if you're looking to use Threads and how. So drop us an email at to let us know your thoughts.

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Jon has been recognized as a partner community pioneer for his proven social media marketing skills. His passion runs deep as he analyzes every social media message and how it drives traffic to the website and engages people.

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