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What Partners need to know about AIM from Microsoft

Cloud migration. Many companies still haven’t made the leap despite its promise of growth and innovation.

As company leaders ponder a transition to the cloud, many can only see a little black rain cloud of doubt, uncertainty, and a lack of resources to make it happen. Their inner Eeyore (Winnie the Pooh throwback!) is holding them back.

Hand of a businessman showing cloud computing on a tablet review of the Microsoft AIM program

Susan knows all about this struggle.

Her company is a Microsoft partner that specializes in helping SMB clients migrate to Dynamics 365.

Many of her clients share a common problem: they have the desire to evolve, but the fear of cloud migration hurdles and perceived disruptions paralyze them and hinder growth–for both their companies–and Susan’s.

AIM: A Win/Win for Microsoft Partners and Their Clients

Enter AIM, Microsoft’s Accelerate, Innovate, Move program.

Designed to support Microsoft partners with customers that still use on-premises Dynamics ERP and CRM software, Microsoft AIM not only simplifies the migration process but also propels partners like Susan’s company toward growth.

The promotional component of the AIM program launched in 2023 and was recently extended as Bridge to the Cloud 2 – the way to a modern, cloud-powered future.

AIM as a partner growth engine. The three pillars of AIM for partners are:

  1. Accelerate: Free tools and training to streamline assessments and identify customer value.

  2. Innovate: Expert guidance on modernizing customer processes with cloud-based Dynamics 365.

  3. Move: Attractive incentives and migration support to ensure smooth, profitable transitions.

Through the skills taught in the AIM program, partners gain the expertise to help their on-premises Dynamics customers migrate to the cloud. The unique, structured framework provides them the necessary expertise to bridge the gap between traditional, on-premises applications and cloud-based solutions, with eventual full cloud migration.

Gaining the skills to motivate customers to embark on this process is a crucial component of the partner program. You need to understand how to shift their critical business processes–like CRM and ERP–to the cloud to gain improved productivity and agility.

Before we elaborate on the many benefits for Microsoft partners, let’s look at what the program can mean for your customers.

  • AIM from the customer perspective. The Bridge to the Cloud 2 program offers customers the following transformational benefits from working with a Microsoft partner.

  • Cost savings: A 40% discount on Dynamics 365 online for three years. Although costs vary depending on the number and type of licenses a given client will need, 40% off for three years represents significant savings - money that could be used toward new hires, company training, or other needed equipment or technology investments.

  • Gradual, customized migration: Migration can be anxiety-inducing for customers, and it’s often the biggest reason for their resistance to move forward. The AIM program offers the ease and security of transitioning at their own pace with the guidance of a trusted and skilled partner.

  • Expert migration advisors and support. The dedicated guidance your team is empowered to provide throughout the process will ensure your client’s readiness, trust, and success with each step.

  • Potential revenue growth through improved employee productivity, enhanced customer service, and access to new markets is a sure path to ongoing partnerships.

  • Peace of mind: The future-proof nature of cloud solutions means clients will always have the latest software updates and improvements.

  • Improved operational efficiency means faster workflows, reduced downtime, and streamlined data management, resulting in more time for strategic planning and new initiatives to support growth.

How AIM Accelerates Partner Success

The AIM program proved to be pivotal for Susan and her company.

Since participating in the program, they’ve seen remarkable benefits and successes that include:

  • An increase in new client implementations: The security of flexible migration combined with the discount on licensing fees has reduced client acquisition hurdles, prompting action from existing clients and new client acquisitions.

  • Enhanced expertise as partners - AIM resources and training have empowered Susan’s team to become cloud migration specialists - a key selling point for their services.

  • Stronger client relationships - Successfully guiding clients to the cloud has strengthened trust and opened doors for future collaborations.

  • Recurring revenue streams - Subscription-based cloud services and ongoing support are providing sustained income beyond initial project fees.

  • Competitive advantage - As partners leading the cloud migration charge, the company now stands out in the market and is attracting new clients.

If you’d like to learn more about how your company can leverage AIM to drive success for your current clients and attract new ones, visit

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With years of deep experience in the Microsoft space, we have the background and industry knowledge to help Microsoft partners create, run, and manage campaigns like AIM and Bridge to the Cloud 2.

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