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8 Ways to Succeed at Live Events – A Cheat Sheet

Updated: May 9, 2023

In-person events are back, but are your networking skills?

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As we begin to take conversations offline and meet face-to-face, you may need to refresh your trade show strategy. We're here with a quick cheat sheet on dusting off your skills and getting you back at them during live events.

8 Ways to Prepare for Live Events

Set clear goals. Whether you're looking for brand exposure or capturing leads, you need to understand why you're at an event. What does success look like, and how will you measure that? Whom are you trying to connect with and why?

Think outside of the booth. Successful engagement is as much about organically connecting as it is your formal booth space. Often the best relationships come from conversations in the corridors or at networking events. So, whether you're on the trade show floor or grabbing a cup of coffee, be prepared to maximize every moment.

Make social media your ally. Nearly 800 million people are using social media. That's a lot of leads! Get to know your audience and where they're engaging. How old are they? What platforms are they using? Would videos or infographics boost engagement? And no matter where you post, always include the event hashtag at the end of your posts for maximum exposure.

Demonstrate clear value. The truth is that customers care more about themselves than they do about you. How are you going to save them time? Fix their pain points? Make their jobs easier? Your onsite messaging – both verbal and in print – should position your services as the ultimate solution to their challenges.

Engage current customers. While new relationship and generating leads is important, don't forget your current customers. Make them feel appreciated by inviting them to visit during the event. After all, existing clients are your best ambassadors and valuable source of warm leads.

Exude authenticity. Authenticity and transparency breed trust and nurture relationships. And at the end of the day, people want to do business with companies and individuals they feel comfortable with. Be yourself. Make realistic commitments. And don't oversell your products and services.

Collect contact information. Whether you're using a rented lead retrieval device or business cards, do not be afraid to ask how you can reach someone post-event. Just make sure you jot down a quick note about your discussion. With so much happening on site, it can be hard to recall the details when you're back in the office and trying to send a personalized follow-up.

Stay focused. Keep your head in the game by removing all barriers between you and the attendees. Put your phone down. Shut off your computer. Take any step necessary to make yourself look open and approachable; otherwise, you're giving them every reason to pass you by.

While we're all excited to get back to business, you shouldn't expect things to rebound instantly. There will be an adjustment period as attendees slowly return and organizers introduce new protocols. Use this time to your advantage – tighten up your messaging and strategy, then watch how your ROI soars!

Author: Marketeery delivers on-point marketing services for companies who sell, service, and integrate technology as your business focus. We understand your industry and lift you above the digital noise to differentiate your company from your competitors.


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